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Friday, July 3, 2015

Sell Tata Steel at 304 for short term and intraday

Sell Tata Steel at 304.35 ( previous closing price) with stop loss of 311 for target of 285 for short term as well as for intraday also.

Note: But remember when you take intraday try to remember your risk factor. I am updating this stock tip before the opening of market you can check the timing of my post, but some time due to any good news stock may open in strong upside then don't take it.If it open huge gap down then also for intraday don't take it wait for some correction after that take sell so that for intraday risk factor will decrease . I am giving this sell call for short term but some times it works for intraday also. If i am online at market hours then will update more calls.

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