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Monday, February 3, 2014

free nifty call for tommorrow Buy nifty spot 6001 for tgt 6100 with sl of 5970

Hello friends the below levels are of nifty spot.So nifty future trader buy nifty future according to the nifty spot levels mentioned below.

Tgt 1: Buy nifty(spot) 6001 for tgt 6100 with sl of 5970

Tgt 2 : After achieving next tgt 6100 modify your sl to 6028 and tgt 6140

Tgt 3 : After achieving next tgt 6140 modify your sl to 6090 and tgt 6200

My previous buy call given on bhel touch 2 times 171 this time when it will cross 174 then it will hit 189 tgt. So my suggestion is hold for 189 tgt.

Happy trading....


Tgt 1 achieved.

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