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Friday, January 25, 2013

free calls on nifty and sensex stocks and nifty levels for 25th jan 2013

My blog provides on Free cash calls, Free fno calls, Free nifty levels

Nifty Spot levels:-

Buy nifty above 6026 with SL of 6006 for tgts 6042>>6061>>6080>>6100
Sell  nifty below 6006 with SL of 6026 for tgts 5990>>5970>>5951>>5932

Free Cash calls:-
Buy SBI above 2463 with SL of 2450 for tgts 2474>>2486>>2499>>2511
Sell SBI  below 2450 with SL of 2463 for tgts 2439>>2427>>2411>>2402

Free short calls:-
Buy Ranbaxy in dips cmp(451) for tgts 510

- SBI achieved tgt3 in buy side book full or book partial and hold for tgt4 with SL of 2486
- Nifty spot achieved tgt 1 in buy side
- Nifty spot achieved tgt 2 in buy side
- SBI near 3rd tgt
- SBI all tgts achieved in buy side
- Nifty spot achieved tgt 3 in buy side
- I think those are following my blog they rocked
- Happy weekends

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