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Monday, May 21, 2012

free intraday ,delivery and FNO tips on nifty for today and tomorrow 22nd may 2012

As on 21st may 2012 nifty traded above 4900 level but not able to cross 4940. So my suggestions is buy nifty above 4940 on tomorrow 22nd may 2012 and if it goes below 4900 then short on nifty.

For intraday stocks i will comment below this post so just follow the comments on this post only for intraday.

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  1. Sorry friends , due to busy in my work , i am not able to comment on this post as i have said i will comment on this post for intraday and delivery calls so very very sorry for that but as per suggest i think you have enjoyed our nifty predictions and follow the next days post. i will post that post at nifty after closing of US market or in the morning , and will be online tomorrow at 2pm i think will update the free intraday tips tomorrow , Happy trading ........

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